Nancy L. Haynes

Executive Director, Fair Housing Center of West Michigan

Nancy L. Haynes is the Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan (FHCWM).  Prior to joining the Center, Haynes worked as a litigation associate where she handled fair housing cases as well other litigation matters.  She also served on the FHCWM’s Board of Directors from 1996 until assuming her duties as Executive Director of the Center in 1999.  Haynes graduated with high honors from both Hanover College and the Indiana University School of Law.  Since joining the Center’s staff, Haynes has worked to advance the Center’s education and enforcement programs designed to insure equal access to housing opportunity as guaranteed in Title VIII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1968, generally known as the Fair Housing Act and the 1998 Fair Housing Amendments Act.

The FHCWM covers an eleven county service area assisting victims of housing discrimination in securing their rights by investigating complaints of housing discrimination.  Where evidence supporting claims of discrimination is found, the Center assists claimants in the pursuit of enforcement action through litigation by FHCWM Cooperating Attorneys and/or through administrative enforcement procedures.  The FHCWM’s education programming provides comprehensive fair housing training to housing professionals, housing seekers, policymakers, planners and community activists to help people understand both their rights and obligations under fair housing law as well as the benefits of sustainable, inclusive communities.     

She serves as Secretary for the National Fair Housing Alliance and has provided independent consultative and training services to a broad range of government, community-based and political/public interest organizations as well as the private sector.    She is active nationally in helping to formulate federal policy around equitable allocation of resources and increasing access to opportunities for all.  Locally she is or has been actively involved in the Grand Rapids Bar Association, The Community Relations Commission and the Civil Service Board for the City of Grand Rapids, and the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA).  She has devoted tireless hours to special committees focusing on city hiring, retention and promotion of underrepresented populations, inclusive housing policy and strengthening public schools.  

Haynes lives on the northwest side of Grand Rapids with her husband and three sons.