Natalie Ayers

Natalie Ayers is a resident of Lubbock, Texas. Born in Lubbock’s east side, she returned to the city after serving in the military to find that her side of town was suffering from public and private disinvestment. Natalie was galvanized into action when the City began creating a new land use plan in 2018. Natalie joined with other neighborhood residents to challenge the land use plan because it continued racist zoning practices that concentrated industrial zoning in the east and north sides of Lubbock. When the city refused to change the land use map, Natalie attempted to get the city to recognize that is zoning practices where impediments to fair housing when the city conducted its Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing. When the city again refused to make necessary changes, she along with other activists filed a fair housing complaint with HUD alleging the Lubbock had violated its commitment to affirmatively further fair housing. Natalie sits on the Board of the Lubbock Compact, a community organization striving to get equal treatment for East, North, and Central Lubbock.