Tony Pickett

CEO, Grounded Solutions

Tony Pickett currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Grounded Solutions Network. During his tenure as CEO, Grounded Solutions is advancing a new racial equity focused agenda for its policy and capacity building initiatives to increase the scale and impact of housing programs with lasting affordability. His more than 35 year professional career as a successful architect and affordable housing practitioner, includes his role as Senior V.P. of Master Site Development for the Urban Land Conservancy (ULC), leading efforts to plan, finance and construct multiple equitable transit-oriented development mixed-use projects, complementing the $7.2B Denver FasTracks regional transit system. Tony’s expertise also includes strategic planning and implementation of innovative financing methods to leverage private investments in combination with additional federal and state funding sources to revitalize distressed communities.

In 2020, Tony joined forces with forty-two scholars and practitioner colleagues from a dozen countries to author On Common Ground, International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust (CLT), a published collection of twenty-six original essays tracing the international growth and diversification of the community land trust model. In his chapter, “The Burden of Patience in a Long March Toward Racial Justice,” Tony discusses how once legally-segregated communities of color were subjected to redlining and restrictive covenants related to government-backed FHA mortgages, setting the stage for predatory subprime home mortgage lending and contributing to a well-documented and expansive racial wealth gap that remains throughout America. His essay also highlights how CLTs increasingly serve and economically benefit families of color, countering the combined impacts of long-term, racial bias-driven housing outcomes of foreclosure, displacement, and gentrification.